Projects and Events

PAFC sponsors community events/activities that celebrate and showcase Philippine and Filipino-American culture. These events support various charitable, educational and cultural projects. For example they hold hold the Alliance for the Control of Tuberculosis in Children amongst numerous other events such as the Philippine Festival. During this festival, there are other fun activities organized such as the gala ball, youth dialogue, Rizal Day, sports fest and community picnic. The purpose of the Alliance for the Control of Tuberculosis in Children is to raise funds for the Center in the Philippines whose main objective is to test children showing symptoms of the disease and provide early treatments.

Youth Projects

Held annually, the Youth Dialogue draws about 100 middle school and high school kids for discussion of issues that are important to them, such as:

* Self Esteem and Image - the two go hand in hand in creating a young person's feelings about himself or herself in relation to their peers and others

* Relationships, Sex, Drug Abuse, and Sexism - talking about these topics allows for a greater understanding and respect of the self in today's society.

* Identity - In today's multicultural society, youths have to deal with issues of identity. Being Filipino and American can both be stimulating and difficult

* Growing Up in Today's Society - faced with many challenges, conflicting values, and the need to preserve tradition, young people today have to sort out through many different kinds of feelings

* Career Planning - how does one make choices for the future



PAFC will be holding its first Educational Program geared towards teaching Tagalog, Philippine folklore and mythology and Eskrima through song and movement, visual media, and creative writing to our youth.

This program will allow child development to happen at a relaxed pace but with the focus on the children truly understanding the fundamentals of the Tagalog language. The children will also learn the roots of their historical background and the myths that every Filipino parent grew up with in the Philippines –"dwende", "kapre", and "Mariang Makiling", not to mention the grand Philippine tradition of martial arts, Eskrima. The children will learn initially basic forms of the art.